Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ebeanstalk & Plan Toys Activity Bus Review

Choosing quality toys is not easy. However, there is a toy website called ebeanstalk, dedicated to selecting good, safe, educational toys, and learning baby gifts. BUT they need help from moms like me to help pick the toys.

Several weeks ago they sent us an Activity Bus from Plan Toys, a company that makes eco-friendly, wooden toys for the Four Silly Sisters to review. Here is the deal on this toy…

Since it's arrival I've watched as all 3 of the almost 3 year olds here have picked it up to play several times a day. It seems to be a pretty fun addition to their toy collection. They drive it from one doll house to the other, and then open it to play with the little school house inside. It is durable and made from quality materials. They love setting up all the desks in rows and playing with the 2 little people that were included. While it isn't something that I would have thought to purchase on my own, it appears to be a big hit with my crew. Who knew?? Well, I guess that's what ebeanstalk is for, right?

If you are stumped as to what toys to look for and purchase for grand children, nieces, nephews, friends children, or even your own, check out ebeanstalk where you'll find lots of age appropriate options.