Sunday, April 5, 2009

Leslie Patricelli Children's Books

Many books already adorn our children's bookshelves, but we received a couple of very cute additions last week for review from Team Mom. Leslie Patricelli is a wonderful children's book author, but I believe her illustrations and ingenuity are the reason my girls enjoy her books so much.

Baby Happy Baby Sad is one of the few books about her cute bald baby character that we didn't already own. In this series of books the happy little baby explores many different types of contrasts including: No No No Yes, Yummy Yucky, Big Little, and Quiet Loud. These books are great for babies and younger toddlers! I enjoyed sharing these books with my girls when they were younger because the seemed to really love the simple concepts and brilliant illustrations.

We also got to preview a copy of Higher! Higher! which is brand new on the shelves now and great for the older toddler/ preschool age group. All the girls are enjoying this ingenious picture book. With few words and awesome illustrations, the girls are able to "read" it themselves. Creativity is huge here with the Four Silly Sisters, and this book enforces the idea that there is no limit to the possibilities of a child's imagination.

All these very cute books are available through Candlewick Press. Thank you Team Mom and Leslie Patricelli... the Four Silly Sisters really love adding to their reading collection with excellent quality books!

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