Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Delgo: Movie Review

Atlanta based Fathom Studios' very first independently produced and distributed movie Delgo will be out in theaters in just a few short days on December 12th. I am painfully not "in the know" regarding exactly what else is in theaters this holiday season, but after viewing the trailer and reading up on the positive message this film contains, I have to say I'd love to check it out. The voice cast alone is enough to peak my interest. It includes: Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Delgo), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Princess Kyla), Anne Bancroft (exiled Empress Sedessa) as well as Chris Kattan (Filo), Val Kilmer (Bogardus), Lou Gossett Jr. (Nohrin King), Michael Clarke Duncan (Lockni Stonesage Council), Kelly Ripa (Kurrin), Burt Reynolds (Delgo’s Father) and Sally Kellerman (Narrator).

From the press release, "Fast-paced action and adventure, a mystical land, an unlikely hero, a princess, and a message of acceptance between different cultures make Delgo the perfect family-friendly movie this holiday season."

The image above was provided by Team Mom and Delgo.

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