Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Can Do That!!

Sometime last month the folks at I Can Do That Games sent us a copy of their Cat In the Hat, I Can Do That game for review.

The games are designed to get kids up and moving: laughing, playing, jumping, singing, and I can attest to the fact that they do exactly that!

I have to giggle every time we attempt to play because this game expertly shows the differences between our two sets of twins *wink, wink*. Apparently ours is a house divided. In the one camp we have our true identicals, Maggie and Kate, who carefully select one red, blue, and yellow card each and then give each other high fives after flawlessly following instructions to the best of their abilities until the completion of their required tasks as read by mom.

Then over in the other camp we have our identicals that were separated by 17 months, Ella and Sarah. These two play Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That 'my way or the highway style'. Both are obstinate about reading their own cards... which neither of them can do yet, and they want to make up the rules and their given objectives to suit themselves every single time.

I suppose technically Maggie, Kate, and Sarah are all a little too young to fully enjoy this game just yet, but I can tell that personality of the child makes a huge difference in whether they will enjoy it at a younger age or not.... clearly Maggie and Kate are there already and Ella and Sarah may never be!?!

As a mom, I love this game. The players start by drawing 3 cards and then following the instructions to complete the given task. The cards are both numbered 1,2,& 3 as well as color coded, so kids that don't know their numbers yet can choose based on the colors. The materials all the props are made of have withstood a great deal of "kid testing" from the girls... what with Ella and Sarah's penchant for making it up as they go along and all and getting angry when things aren't going their way. The game has a very simple concept, yet one that builds confidence in the young players (especially those who try to follow the game rules) and their ability to honestly say "I Can Do That!".

We give this game lots of little thumbs up!

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