Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parents Toys for the Holidays

Every toddler parent knows the disappointment of having a box be more exciting than the actual gift inside. Just in case you haven't completed your Christmas shopping and have toddlers and preschoolers on your list, Parents Toys are sure to get them excited about what's in the box for a change.

We received the Parents Bristle Blocks Spinners two weeks ago for review from Team Mom, and this was one of those toys that the girls all loved immediately. These are the newest addition to the popular Bristle Blocks collection. According to the press release, "Spinners is an action-packed, 57- piece building set filled with colorful, easy to connect blocks, as well as wheels, axles, and quirky character faces to make creations come alive! Even a beginning builder will feel a great sense of accomplishment, which will grow as his dexterity improves and the complexity of his creations increases, yielding everything from rolling roadsters to twirling merry-go-rounds to propeller-spinning airplane- the creative options are endless. These non-toxic, washable blocks are sure to provide hours of stimulating play."

In our house these blocks have already provided hours of enjoyment. When we first opened the package, we set out together to construct the roadster. It was finished, with my help, in no time. Then the girls spent the next 20 minutes taking turns rolling it back and forth around the living room. Often the car was crushed in the "gentle" transition from one child to another in the sharing process, but that just meant they had to work together to get the wheels back on and make it roll again.

Now that we've had our set for a while, they have all individually constructed completely different creations using these blocks. As a mom, I love that I am able to literally watch their minds expand with the increasing complexity of each new creation!

The philosophy for the Parents Brand Toys is this: When a toy does less, the child does more. I couldn't agree more! You can find these at most Target stores. I actually searched around for a cousin who was hoping to find some of these exact same blocks for her 2 year old and found them at Costco.

Happy Shopping!

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