Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Word World

Since the girls have recently started to give up their one and only nap during the day, I have been searching for something for them to do quietly for a little while that won't lend to destruction so that I can have a few minutes during the afternoon for essentials like laundry, prepping dinner, blogging, you know, just the essentials... he, he. Time in their room doesn't work well because they seem to get into too much trouble, but if I contain them in the living room with gates I can keep my ears and eyes on them much better.

I was thrilled to come across the PBS show WordWorld at around 6am one morning, and tonight after reading about it over at An Island Review I checked the viewing times and discovered that it comes on at 2pm here as well. Perhaps I'll have the girls watch a little educational programming at the peak of their fussiness in the afternoons from now on!! If you have toddlers and preschoolers in the house you might want to check it out as well.

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Candace said...

Hey Mary Beth,

I have LOVED having this for our little ones to watch!! In fact, I even mention it on Sonbeams as a reading tool. :)

We started watching this show last year, in it's first season.

I'll admit, DH and I weren't too impressed - thinking someone spent WAY too much time making all these characters and scenes into actual words.

BUT, our children loved it, and it has really helped them learn letters, sounds, and as they can now quote quite well - "Build a Word!"

Yes, Word World has been great for us. There's only a couple of episodes we've turned off - due to monsters, Halloween, or just plain being mean.

Thankfully, my little ones pick up on this themselves and don't want to watch someone hurting someone else's feelings, or being mean to them.